Tuesday, April 3, 2012

N.Hoolywood X Generic Surplus sneakers with....Jackson Pollock?

I got these funky sneakers from my recent business trip to Hong Kong. They are collaboration products from N.Hoolywood & Generic Surplus. When I saw these in N.Hoolywood flagship store(where is secretly hidden in the harbour city shopping mall), I almost screamed. I always wanted to buy pure looking white sneakers with a bit of quirkiness.

I actually feel like I am wearing Jackson Pollock's artwork in my feet. I hope not to hear Pollock's soul is screaming out when I walk on the street in them.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I start I buy I exist

I am Damon Kim, working as a journalist and film critic, living in Seoul.

This is my new blog 'I buy I exist'. I start this space for recording my daily life as a shopaholic. I buy everything including fashion items, pet items, books, magazines and other many useless stuffs. Hope this space will make me less shopaholic. or is this space will make me more shopaholic?

This is going to be an interesting experiment.